Friday, May 30, 2008

Kickass weekly webcomic

I've been instructed.

Warren Ellis and Paul Duffield.  Weekly.

A future flooded London protected by a gang of telepaths.

Go read.  Now!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

John Cusack interviewed on

Ryan Stewart does this great interview with John Cusack about his new film War, Inc.  on the SuicideGirls website.  It makes for some interesting reading and has me thinking about a film I had previously vaguely even heard of.

Click here to read it.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

"I'm gonna kiss you on the mouth and blow chunks while I'm doing it."

That was a line uttered by one of the characters (Jessie) in Mike Carey and Jock's latest graphic novel, FAKER.

What a mindfuck that was.  Truly spectacular work from both contributors.  Honestly, I've loved Jock since I first saw his work on The Losers a few years ago.  But Mike Carey has always been one of those hit and miss guys with me.  I'd check out his work from time to time (all his Hellblazer work, some Lucifer, My Faith in Frankie, etc), and not really get into some of it (particularly his superhero stuff).  But he's shown me some real writing prowess with Faker (and his slightly less recent RE-GIFTERS).  He's shown he can write some angsty scifi psychological horror thrillers involving teen drama and activism.  Which, when I really look into the core of what comics interest me, is exactly what I'm looking for.  Please pardon the abundance of grammatical issues in that last sentence.

The story involves four characters who live together in a house at some insignificant college in the American midwest.  It's just after Christmas break and the students are slowly shuffling back into their college lifestyles and coming back from home (and their parents).  Obviously the first night back is going to be some kick-ass party.  Four go in to the party, five come out.  One of them's not real/alive, but who?  And just what the fuck happened?

Mike Carey does an excellent job of dealing with perpetual issues of identity and teenage rebellion, while concocting an emotionally resonant story involving four very different young adults.  I can't lie to you, there are certainly aspects of this story, especially the characters of Jessie Kidby and Yvonne Latimer, that appeal to the faux artistic, teenage rebel still inside me.

I really really liked this new offering from Carey and Jock (and quite frankly, surprised the hell out of me), and should be on the bookshelves of anyone interested in liquid digital technology, geek culture, suicide prevention, the bisexual community, sexual revolution, social activism, questioning authority, lying as a way of life, backstabbing, hacking, extortionism, hustling, friendship and well... just a goddamn kick-ass four-color world of adventures and shenanigans.

I could not turn the page fast enough.  Highly recommended.

Offer made for Samir Nasri

In a weird sort of "I must be telling the future" moment, ESPNsoccernet is reporting that Arsenal has made an offer for Marseille's young playmaker midfielder Samir Nasri. The French International was one of two midfielders I was hoping Arsene Wenger would sign in the transfer market, considering his penchant for signing young French superstars. I really hope this works out.

And my other signing was slightly hinted at in an earlier post, Barcelona's Portuguese (via Brazil) international Deco. He is 30 years old and bucks Wenger's trend of signing stellar young talent, but they really need a force in midfield to complement Fabregas' creativity.

Although I still think they need a strong force in the back as well. Toure and Gallas are excellent center backs, but Wenger has to stop pushing Toure out to right fullback and insisting to play Emmanuel Eboue in midfield. He's playing out of position there and it shows. Sagna and Clichy are both strong defenders and are still growing. Maybe even a proven center forward could help the club, especially with Robin van Persie and Eduardo's injuries this past year.

Whatever happens, it should be an exciting offseason for Arsenal fans. As long as Wenger makes some moves.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Now Hear This! 2

The Hold Steady's new single is out now.

Sequestered in Memphis.

Click here to listen to the track.

You can't even imagine how excited I am right now. New album's out July 15th.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Now Hear This!

M83 - Graveyard Girl

I just can not stop listening to this song. This atmospheric pop band from Antibes, France has written one of the catchiest singles of the year so far. When I hear this song it just makes me want to get in a car with the top down and drive fast... thinking about ex-girlfriends or something equally futile.

Check them out on their MySpace page. Right now the song is first on their list.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Back to your regularly scheduled programming...

Okay, so I've been gone a while.

Arsenal did not win the Premier League.  The season is over and Arsenal finished once again without any trophies.  But third in the league and reaching the semi-finals of the UEFA Champions League is still a pretty damn fine season.  The month of June brings the transfer window, and the Gunners are in serious need of some top talent, especially since Mathieu Flamini said he's leaving.   Did someone say Deco is going to be available?

I was right about No Country For Old Men being the best movie of the year (at least according to the Academy).   You can look that up in my mini review of the film back in a previous post.  A damn fine film, but not my favorite of the year.  Juno would have to take those honors.

I'm planning to start a regular weekly(?) segment here about what I'm currently listening to, what I've read recently, or what interests me in the world of television and film.  Watch this space.

I have every intention of checking in more often, but I say that now with no knowledge of what interest this blog will hold for my future self.

And maybe someday soon, someone will actually read this shit I sputter out.


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