Friday, May 16, 2008

Back to your regularly scheduled programming...

Okay, so I've been gone a while.

Arsenal did not win the Premier League.  The season is over and Arsenal finished once again without any trophies.  But third in the league and reaching the semi-finals of the UEFA Champions League is still a pretty damn fine season.  The month of June brings the transfer window, and the Gunners are in serious need of some top talent, especially since Mathieu Flamini said he's leaving.   Did someone say Deco is going to be available?

I was right about No Country For Old Men being the best movie of the year (at least according to the Academy).   You can look that up in my mini review of the film back in a previous post.  A damn fine film, but not my favorite of the year.  Juno would have to take those honors.

I'm planning to start a regular weekly(?) segment here about what I'm currently listening to, what I've read recently, or what interests me in the world of television and film.  Watch this space.

I have every intention of checking in more often, but I say that now with no knowledge of what interest this blog will hold for my future self.

And maybe someday soon, someone will actually read this shit I sputter out.


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