Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Just spit in my beer next time, bartender.

So, went to a bar tonight, put $2.00 in the jukebox.  Gets me six songs (not one of those shitty electronic wallet suckers that give you 2 songs for a dollar).  Play some Creedence, Zeppelin, ELO.  Highly recognizable classic rock songs.  

My fifth song is The Beatles - Norwegian Wood.  Not one of their more popular songs, but I still feel like people know it when they hear it.  

Fuckin' bartender turns the song off.  

I'm a customer who pays money to hear this song, and he picks up the fuckin' remote and turns the song off.

Heard him specifically say to another customer, "Play some rock and roll, and I'll keep it on.  But I can't hear that."

My cousin and I ask him about what happened to the last song, and he comes up with this bullshit story about some songs on the jukebox just shut off and go right to the next song.  

I watched the asshole pick up a remote and intentionally turn it off.  The Beatles.  A bartender intentionally turned off the Beatles because it was not "rock and roll."  The Beatles.

You can't even imagine how much this fucking blows my mind.

Needless to say my tip was suspect.

Fuckin' asshole deserved it.  

"Your music's no good here... paying customer."  Go fuck yourself.

Last time I put money in that jukebox.

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