Thursday, September 18, 2008

Some random thoughts...

I just downloaded the new version of iTunes (can't be arsed to remember what the actual numbers are), and I've got to say, at first look, I'm less than happy with it.  I like the new album view option.  I don't like a few other features that seemed to have changed.  Most recognizably the even worse communication with the iTunes store for retrieving album artwork.  Just bought 3 cd's today (all of which are available for purchase from the iTunes store), and only one cover art came back okay. Feh.

Apparently it is just acceptable for health insurance companies to raise your premium by almost 14% without even letting you know about it.  With per-month payments, that's quite a substantial amount of money per year they're just "taking" from me.

Bringing my anger down a notch, I'm considering following a few blogs on a regular basis.  It's something I've been considering, just did not want to waste any more daily time on the internet.  Beginning to think, who gives a shit?  It's my time, I can do what I want with it.  These blogs are:
Aquarium Drunkard - for its kick-ass music knowledge and info
Product Shop NYC - for its political leanings and slightly rare musical offerings - because he's a mad scientist in a comic book writer's mind

Apparently there's some place in Ohio called Huber Heights.  Must make it a point to check out this little gem once I finally decide to take that cross-country road trip I keep talking about doing.

My team Arsenal drew 1-1 to Dynamo Kiev in yesterday's Champions League match (first round of group play).  A point is a point, but they should really be able to beat the Ukrainian side, as they are the weakest in their group.

And in closing, congratulations to friends of mine, Matt and Cristina.  They've just welcomed a child into this world today.  It's a girl (we told you, Matt)!!!  Last I heard they were naming her Kendall.

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