Friday, February 6, 2009


I'm pulling out of this parking lot right near where I live. I'm taking a left onto a busy road (particularly at rush hour), but it's one of those parking lot exits that bear to the right. There's no sign telling you it's illegal to turn left, it's just assumed everyone turns right. Well, it's out of my way to go all the way around the parking lot to the other exit, which has two lights on my way home too, so I turned left out of this other one. Wrong choice? Maybe, but screw it, nothing saying I can't.

Now, I don't even make a complete stop yet, and this asshole behind me lays on his horn. I look in my mirrors and these two guys are giving me all sorts of hand motions to turn right and whatnot (while on the horn, I might add). I do nothing. As is my nature, I'm naturally a pretty nice guy and non-confrontational. They waited maybe, MAYBE two minutes. At the most. Until I could make my turn and they could go right. And they would've had to wait at the next light anyway.

On my thirty second drive home, I am just fuming. I'm all anxious. About them being assholes, thinking about what I should've done (like flipped them motherfuckers off), whatever. These two insignificant motherfuckers nearly give me a panic attack. I get into my house and my heart is racing, I'm all shaky 'cause I'm nervous or anxious or something. From what? Two dipshits in an SUV. Well, fuck that. I wasn't going to allow it. I haven't had one in a while and these two jackoffs were not going to be the catalyst for my discomfort. I went straight to the fridge and chugged a beer. Now I'm writing this post.

I'm good now. I feel better.

Christ, why do I let this kinda shit get to me so much?

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