Friday, November 16, 2007

How can the train be lost? It's on rails.

So, I saw The Darjeeling Limited today. What a great piece of film making. It's touching, it's funny, it's honest, it's uncomfortable at times, it's soul-searching, it's everything a Wes Anderson film should be. Possibly his best film yet. If I wasn't so incredibly in love with Rushmore maybe I'd be able to say that on further viewings.

Do yourself a favor and see it. Laugh... cry... witness Owen Wilson being nasally endearing, Jason Schwartzman in his doe-eyed glory, and Adrien Brody's freakish gangly-ness.

And Bill Murray does make that ridiculous cameo I had so hoped for. Yay for me!

By the way, the above widget-jobber-thingie I found on the movie's official website was so fucking cool, I just had to imbed it here. Scroll over it with your mouse and well... things happen. Make with the clicky.

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